Address: Mornarska 3, Stobreč 21311, owner: Luka Plosnić
Tel. 021/324-126, Fax 021/325-070, gsm. 091/47 55 290, E-mail:
WORKING TIME : Every day from 12:00 to 24:00 hrs
Restaurant EPETIUM is located on the most attractive location in Stobreč – the ancient core which was the motivation for the its name after ancient Greek name for Stobreč. With arrival of Greek colonists who built their settlements on the land and islands, the first city centres emerge in the 3rd century B.C. Along with Salona and Tragurion, one of the most important settlements was Epetion – nowadays Stobreč.

Restaurant was open 40 years ago and it is owned by Plosnić family. It promotes Dalmatian gastronomic tradition as well as the culture and life style of this area. The interior itself reflects the astonishing Adriatic and rich sea fauna.

Among other facilities in the restaurant, there is a pool with fish and lobsters. Restaurant's capacity is 180 seats.